X Communities to Get Better Organization with Pinned Hashtags

X Communities to Get Better Organization with Pinned Hashtags

X, formerly known as Twitter, is slowly becoming an “everything app.” As part of its journey towards this goal, the platform and its apps have been adding a lot of new features, such as audio and video calls. The Enhanced Discovery perk for X Premium users is still in development and hasn’t been rolled out yet. In an effort to drive the adoption of its “Community” social groups, the platform is currently developing a new feature.

Community managers will soon be able to pin important hashtags to the top. Right now, hashtags in Communities automatically list the most used ones. With pinned hashtags, organization becomes easier. Managers can curate different topic areas by fixing certain hashtags in place.

Members will then click pinned hashtags to see all related posts together. This creates separate timelines within the larger community. Hashtags will still auto-populate from popular usage too. But pinned selections give managers control over the top bar display.

Discoverability and focused conversations are keys to engaging communities. Pinned hashtags aim to achieve that by segmenting discussions. Community members should enjoy simplified content exploration as a result. Getting more community involvement drives X toward its “Everything app” vision.

It’s unclear when pinned hashtags will launch. X is still working on the feature based on code findings. However, improved organization through pinning looks to benefit this social aspect of the rebranding platform. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement related to this community enhancement.

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