X Lets You Call and Video Chat Now!

X (formerly Twitter) now allows users to make and receive audio and video calls. Recently, several users have received pop-up notifications about the new features after opening the X app. In addition, the platform hinted at the imminent rollout of audio and video calls a few hours ago but has not officially announced the features through its own X account or press release. Elon Musk describes the feature as an “early version of video and audio calling on X,” hinting that it will be refined over time.

So how does calling and video chatting on X work? Here are the basics:

You can turn calling on or off in your X settings. If you don’t turn it on, no one will be able to call you and you won’t be able to call anyone. You also get to choose who can call you – only people you follow, everyone who follows you, or people in your contact list.

So if you’re a regular free X user who doesn’t follow many people, you may not be able to call everyone. Only users you follow or are in your contacts will be able to call you.

It’s not clear if everyone has the new calling features yet or if it is still rolling out. We also don’t know if free X users can make calls or if you need to be a paid subscriber.

X will provide more details soon! In the meantime, try checking your settings to see if you can start calling and video chatting with others on the platform.

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