New Ways to Discover on X

New Ways to Discover on X

X, formerly known as Twitter, has undergone many changes recently. The social media platform is being monetized with more and more features being paywalled behind X Premium subscriptions (previously Twitter Blue). More evidence indicates X Premium’s audio and video calling capabilities, including a new Enhanced Discovery feature.

X is working on adding new ways for users to find related posts on the platform. Engineers found code for an “Enhanced Discovery” feature in the latest X Android app version. This would allow X Premium subscribers to see other posts with similar topics to the ones they are viewing.

Right now, you can discover similar posts through hashtags or searches. But the new feature seems aimed specifically at finding content related to individual posts. Strings in the code describe it as a way to “find relevant content related to the subject matter of a post.”

It looks like Enhanced Discovery will only be available for X Premium users at first. Strings mentions “subscribing to Premium to unlock enhanced discovery.” So free users may not have access when it launches.

X is also adding audio and video calling to the app based on more code strings. Messages were found about ending or missing calls through audio or video. This fits with plans owner Elon Musk shared to include voice and video features. But it’s still unclear when exactly these tools will become available to try out.

Overall, it seems X is pushing further into new areas beyond tweets. Enhanced Discovery could make long-form talks easier on the platform. And audio/video calls may attract users who see X more as a communication space versus just a place to read posts. Only time will tell how well these changes are received as X continues to reinvent itself.

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