Elon Musk’s Plan to Charge For X Posts Starts With $1 Subscription Trial

Elon Musk said he would charge everyone a small fee to use X, the social media site he now owns. Now they are starting to test this idea. New users in New Zealand and the Philippines will need to pay $1 per year if they want to post on X.

This new “Not a Bot” subscription is being tried out in just these two countries for now. It is meant to help cut down on spam and fake accounts called bots. Users who sign up will get to like, reply to, and share other people’s posts from their web browser.

People who already have X accounts in these places do not have to pay. The $1 is just for new users making accounts now. There are also other subscription options that cost more and give extras like no ads.

The test will see how well charging this fee works. In the future, they may charge everyone worldwide. But for now, it is only new users in New Zealand and the Philippines who must pay the dollar to post their thoughts on X.

Existing users can still read posts and follow people for free during this trial. But anyone new to the site will need to cough up the buck annually if they want to interact beyond just reading. Let’s see how users in these countries feel about this small fee to use X going forward!

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