X is Changing How it Handles Deleted Posts

According to X (formerly Twitter), if you attach a Community Post to a regular post, X will let you know if the original post gets deleted. They announced this change on Friday. X said on the Community Notes account that people who write notes often want to stay informed. This can happen when a helpful note is added to a post or when the wrong post is removed. Now, anyone who comments on a post will be notified if that original post gets taken down later.

Twitter, now called X, is making it easier for people who write Community Posts to know what happens to the original messages they’re commenting on. If the original tweet or post gets deleted by the author, X will send a notification to anyone who wrote a Community Post about it.

Community Posts are notes that people can choose to add on top of an existing tweet or post to have a discussion. Often these discussions add useful context or correct inaccurate information. But in the past, if the original post was removed, the note and discussion would just disappear without the commenter knowing.

Starting recently, X says it will notify Community Post writers by sending them a message if the underlying post they commented on no longer exists because the author deleted it. This helps contributors stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the discussions they participate in.

The company announced the change on its official Community Notes Twitter account. It said listening to user feedback was important, and people consistently asked to be kept informed about changes to posts they wrote notes about.

Now discussions on X can continue even if the originating post is taken down, as long as people get notified. This small change improves transparency and the experience for those who use Community Posts to join conversations on the platform.

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