New and Improved iPads Coming Soon!

When it comes to tablets, the iPad dominates the conversation, even when compared to the best Android tablets. Several regions worldwide have adopted the term “iPad” to refer to tablets, and all tablets are referred to as iPads. The formula Apple has found works is to make minimal changes to a tried-and-true product. There are reports that Apple may release the iPad 11, iPad Mini 7, and iPad Air 6 tomorrow, all of which will be powered by a new processor.

The reports say Apple plans to give the regular iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Air new processors so they run even faster. Other than that, these updates won’t change much else.

The regular iPad from 2022 already has a speedy A14 chip. The new iPad 11 could get the super fast and power-efficient A16 chip like in the latest iPhones.

The iPad Mini from 2021 has the A15 chip now. For the iPad Mini 7, Apple may swap that for the new A16 chip. They also want to fix an issue with the screen not looking smooth when scrolling.

As for the iPad Air from early 2022, it uses Apple’s powerful M1 chip. We could see an upgrade to the newer M2 chip in the iPad Air 6.

One rumor says we may see the new Apple Pencil 3 instead of iPads. This stylus may have interchangeable magnetic tips for different uses like drawing, designing, or painting.

Only time will tell what Apple unveils! They may reveal it quietly online instead of a big product event. But it seems updated iPads and possibly a new Apple Pencil are coming very soon to keep these popular tablets feeling fresh.

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