iPadOS 17: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Update!

While Android 14 is approaching rapidly, it’s important to note that there are other mobile operating systems on the horizon as well. Apple enthusiasts who enjoy using the iPad will be delighted to learn that iPadOS 17 has arrived, bringing with it numerous features that are already familiar from iOS 17, along with some enhancements tailored specifically for tablets. Let’s delve deeper into the iPadOS naming convention, its features, and additional details.

When Can I Get iPadOS 17?
iPadOS 17 became available for download on September 18, 2023. If you have an eligible iPad model (see below), you can update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. This will allow you to automatically download and install the latest version of iPadOS 17 onto your iPad.

What’s new in iPadOS 17?

  • The lock screen can now be customized with colorful backgrounds and widgets, just like the iPhone
  • Home screen widgets can do more things now instead of just displaying information
  • You can send audio or video messages in FaceTime if the person doesn’t answer
  • Stage Manager keeps getting better with new window moving and resizing
  • Apps like Health and a new Journal app come to the iPad
  • External cameras, like webcams, can now be used with iPad apps like FaceTime

Who Can Get iPadOS 17?
Luckily, Apple has supported older iPads for a long time. iPadOS 17 will work on iPads released from 2015 onward. This includes iPads from the 6th generation up to the latest models. Not all features may work on older iPads, though. Stage Manager requires newer and more powerful hardware. Now you know if your iPad can get the latest software!

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