Apple’s VR Headset May Come With Built-In Reading Glasses

We’ve heard rumors that Apple’s next virtual reality headset could make it easier for people with vision issues to see clearly. The latest Power On newsletter from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman says the new headset may ship customized for each person’s eyesight straight from the factory.

The first generation Vision Pro lets glasses wearers pick optional lenses made by Zeiss at Apple Stores. But managing all the different prescriptions causes problems with stock levels. It also turns Apple’s tech shops into eyewear shops.

The article points out that having each display customized for someone’s eyes could be tricky. Vision often changes over time, and a personal display limits sharing or reselling the headset later on.

But Apple has surely thought about this already. They’ve filed patents as recently as August showing interest in VR/AR displays that can correct vision on their own. Building in prescriptions could make the headset more accessible without adding more costs upfront. It would also help people who don’t know they need glasses yet.

The rumors suggest the new headset may be smaller and lighter too. Apple focusing on vision support could remove a barrier for many customers. And making displays adjustable would keep the headset useful long-term as eyesight changes. Only time will tell if Apple can pull off built-in prescriptions, but it would be a big help for many VR and AR users.

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