Is a New Surface Go Tablet Coming Soon?

Nearly two years have passed since Microsoft launched the Surface Go 3, so a replacement is probably in the works. In this guide, we’ll look at everything we’ve heard so far about Microsoft’s next cheap tablet.

When Will the New Surface Go Be Announced?
Microsoft has said it will hold a special product event on September 21st in New York City. While it didn’t say exactly what would be shown, this lines up with rumors that the next Surface Go will be revealed then. It would likely go on sale in early October if announced at that event.

What Upgrades Can We Expect?
Instead of a major redesign, sources say this will be more of a minor upgrade to the existing Surface Go. The tablet is expected to keep its 10.5-inch touchscreen but get a speedier Intel N200 processor. It may also have an improved design that’s easier to repair.
Some speculate that because the changes seem small, Microsoft may brand it the “Surface Go 3 Plus” instead of the Surface Go 4. But the official name remains unclear for now.

How Much Will the New Surface Go Cost?

  • Surface Go: Starting at $399
  • Surface Go 2: Starting at $399.99
  • Surface Go 3: Starting at $399.99

Past Surfaces Gos launched around $400. Prices have stayed consistent, though companies usually raise costs in uncertain economic times. Still, as mainly an updated chip, the new model’s price hike, if any, may be small, like $25–50.

    Should You Wait For the New Surface Go?
    If you need a cheap Windows tablet soon, waiting a few weeks makes sense. You’ll get a slightly faster device and older Surface Go 3 models may be discounted once the new one arrives. Check back in September for the big reveal!

    With a likely announcement coming up, keep an eye out for the next entry in Microsoft’s popular, affordable Surface Go tablet lineup. Stay tuned for more details soon.

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