New Status Audio Earbuds Take You to Audio Heaven!

In order to offer audio that actually sounds good to a wider audience, Status Audio is on a mission to create some seriously good-sounding earbuds. Using a triple-driver array, the Between 3ANC earbuds aim to achieve this goal.

Status Audio started with a super successful Kickstarter for their first earbuds. Now they’re back with the Between 3ANC buds. These have a unique shape that will catch your eye. The stem is box-shaped and the ear-tips look comfy.

But it’s what’s inside that really matters – and these earbuds have it all. The Between 3ANC packs a “Hybrid Triple-Driver” system. This means a big dynamic driver for bass paired with two smaller drivers for clear highs and mids. It’s like having a sound system in your ears!

You also get active noise cancellation to block out noises when you want to focus on music. Transparency mode lets outside sounds in when needed. Battery life is a solid 8 hours with ANC on.

Best of all, these high-quality earbuds only cost $199. That’s a great price compared to other top brands. The Between 3ANC aims to make audiophile sound available to more people. With their unique design and powerful triple-driver system, Status Audio may have a winner on their hands. Find out if these new earbuds can deliver you to audio heaven!

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