Instagram Threads Comes to Europe on December 14th

In a pair of teasers quietly released today by Instagram, Threads will be available in the EU on December 14. There’s a new countdown timer on the Threads website in the European Union, as well as a new “ticket” in the Instagram app.

Instagram hasn’t officially announced that Threads is coming to Europe yet. But these teasers on their website and app pretty much confirm the date. The countdown on the Threads site can only be seen by people in the EU, and it ends on the 14th.

In the Instagram app, if you search for the word “ticket,” it will bring up an invite for threads. It has a special QR code just for you and the date it will be available in your country.

When Threads first launched in July, over 100 countries could use it except places in the EU. This was because of legal issues. For the first 10 days, Europeans could get Threads by using a VPN to pretend they were somewhere else. But Instagram stopped that workaround.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Instagram planned to launch Threads in Europe in December. Now we know the specific date of December 14th thanks to these new teasers!

Threads is Instagram’s separate messaging app for close friends. It’s meant for sharing privately with a small circle. Now people all over Europe will finally get to try out this more intimate way to connect on Instagram too.

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