New Digital Wallets Coming to Europe

The Council of Europe and European Parliament have decided on rules for new Digital Identity Wallets. Soon all people in Europe will get their own Digital Wallet. This will make it easy to sign in and use online services.

What are Digital Identity Wallets?

Digital Identity Wallets will be like an online ID card for Europeans. It will be on your phone or computer. With just one wallet, you can sign into apps, websites and more with one click. The EU says your info will stay safe and private too.

Many big online companies will have to let people sign in with their Digital Wallet. Places like Facebook, Amazon, Booking.com and others will need to support the wallets. Apps from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store will as well. Even YouTube and Google Maps too. This will make logging into accounts much simpler.

The Digital Wallets can do more than just log you into places. Europeans will be able to open bank accounts, pay for things and store important documents digitally too. Things like driver’s licenses, prescription info and other papers can live safely in your wallet.

What happens next?

The new European Digital Identity rules now need final approval. Then each country in Europe will have 24 months to give Digital Wallets to all citizens. This new system should start changing how people sign in and do things online very soon!

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