Keep Your Threads Posts Private

Threads users now have the option to opt out of having their posts displayed on Instagram and Facebook. To stop Threads posts from appearing on Meta’s other platforms, tap the two lines in the top right of the Threads app > Privacy > Suggesting posts on other apps. These two switches allow users to disable Instagram and Facebook suggestions. Give it time if you haven’t seen the new toggles yet. Meta tends to roll out thread features slowly.

Instagram and Facebook each started showing a “From Threads” section a few months ago. Many Threads users weren’t happy about this. In October, Threads said it was listening to complaints and working on a fix. Now the opt-out switch is available.

At first, suggesting posts was meant to help Threads get more users. But now users can keep their Threads separate if they want. Threads is doing better lately though – it has almost 100 million people using it each month now. That’s growing fast since it started last year.

Changes may be coming to let Europeans use Threads too. Right now they can’t because of privacy laws. But someone found code hints that Threads may open up to more countries soon.

Overall this update gives Threads users more privacy over where their posts appear. You can now choose to share only to Threads or keep your updates private from Instagram and Facebook with the new toggles. More options is good news for anyone who wants to control how their content is shared across Meta’s apps.

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