Say Goodbye to Threads Without Losing Instagram

Say Goodbye to Threads Without Losing Instagram

Earlier this year, Meta launched Threads, a microblogging platform that uses the same credentials as Instagram so users don’t have to create another account. However, because of this, users couldn’t delete their Threads account without also deleting their Instagram account. Thanks to an update from Meta, that is finally changing.

Meta has updated the Threads app to make it possible to delete your Threads profile without affecting your Instagram account. Here’s how it works:

Open the Settings menu in the Threads app. Then select “Account” and you’ll see the options to “Delete or Deactivate Profile”. Choosing “Deactivate Profile” will archive your Threads posts so you can rejoin later if you change your mind. “Delete Profile” will remove your Threads account and all posts permanently. But don’t worry – this won’t delete your Instagram account like it used to!

This was a highly requested feature from Threads users. Many people wanted to leave the app without risking their main Instagram profile. The update also adds a new privacy setting to stop sharing your Threads posts as suggestions on Facebook and Instagram.

The Threads team continues improving the app based on user feedback. Other recent additions include GIFs, polls, an edit button, and a web version for desktop. Their next goals appear to be Trending Topics and keeping users engaged over the long run.

So if you’ve grown tired of Threads or just want a clean break, you can now wipe your profile without losing Instagram. Just open Settings in the latest Threads update and say goodbye to your microblogging persona without consequences elsewhere. More control over your social experience!

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