Samsung’s New Fitness Tracker is Coming Soon!

It has been over three years since Samsung last launched a fitness tracker. There is now a strong possibility that a new one will be released, called the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. We learned some exciting new details about this tracker!

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 name was found online. It was listed on a website for Bluetooth devices. This site adds new products before they are released. The listing also showed that the tracker will have Bluetooth 5.3. This means it can connect easily to phones and share your health data.

We don’t know much else yet from the website listing. But usually, products are added there close to when they launch. This means the Galaxy Fit 3 may be released soon—maybe in the next few months! Samsung sometimes announces new phones and devices together. The Samsung Galaxy S24 phones will be announced in January. The fitness tracker may also be shown off then.

Leaks from people who’ve seen pictures show what the Galaxy Fit 3 may look like. The pictures suggest it will have a bigger and clearer screen than past trackers. This will make seeing your health information, like steps, heartbeat, and more, easier!

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