Google Makes Document Scanning Easier on iPhone

The Nest Cam night vision footage became blurry after an update last month. A fix is now being rolled out by Google. Similarly, Google is also improving how we scan documents on our phones. They updated the app on the iPhone and made some changes on Android too.

Before, if you had an iPhone and wanted to scan papers into your Google Drive files, it was tricky. You didn’t have the easy scanning feature built right into the Drive app, like on Android. But now iPhone users can do it easily too. When you open the Drive app, just tap the little camera button, and your phone will take a picture of your paper. It automatically saves it as a new file in your Google Drive library.

If your document is in English, Google may even try to give it a title for you. By looking at the words it sees, it will suggest a name. This makes organizing your files a bit simpler. The Android version of Drive also has some improvements. It can automatically start the scan as soon as it sees paper in the frame, so it’s quicker than ever.

All the big companies, like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, now have document-scanning features in their apps. It saves having to download another program just for that. Whether you’re on an iPhone or Android, Drive makes it very quick and easy to digitize your paperwork. Just open the app and tap—your papers are now digital files you can access anywhere. Google is helping make our lives more paperless!

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