Google is Fixing Blurry Night Vision on Nest Cameras and Doorbells

The Nest Cam night vision footage became blurry after an update last month. A fix is now being rolled out by Google. Many people reported that after the latest software update, they could no longer see clearly using the night vision on their Nest Cam or Doorbell cameras. Details would be blurred out. This made it hard to see who was at the door or what was happening in their yard at night.

Good news! Google has confirmed that a new update is ready to fix this problem. They said the update started rolling out yesterday and will reach all Nest Cam battery models, Nest Doorbell battery models, and the second generation Nest Doorbell over the next few weeks. Once your camera gets the update, the night vision should look sharp again.

Before the fix, night videos had a blurry, fuzzy look that made it difficult to make out faces or vehicle license plates. But screenshots from Google shows how the update improves it – images after the update are much clearer. This will let people see intruders more easily if their property gets broken into at night like one user reported.

Google wants everyone using their Nest Cameras to feel safe and protected. They’re always working to improve the cameras with updates. Now you’ll be able to rely on the night vision again to monitor your home while you sleep. Just keep your camera charged and connected to WiFi so it can automatically get this fix soon. Clear night vision is back thanks to Google’s quick work on a solution.

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