Google Maps Users Upset Over New Colors

Google Maps Users Upset Over New Colors

Google has changed the colors seen in Maps, and many people are not happy. While the changes are not major, the new tones have taken users by surprise and made them feel uncomfortable.

The new color scheme is now showing for more users. Roads that were white are now grey, water is paler blue, and forests are darker green. The route line is also a brighter blue color. If you’ve used Maps for a long time, these differences are disturbing.

On websites like Reddit and Twitter, people are discussing why they dislike Google’s choices. Grey roads are harder to spot, especially when zoomed out. Everything looks washed out and lacking in contrast. It’s more difficult to make out details on the map.

“I don’t like them – it’s not as easy to see now,” said one user. Another commented that Google changes things “for no good reason” when what was there before worked well. In a poll, 44% said they did not like the new colors, while 30% said yes and 27% had no strong feelings.

It’s unclear why Google suddenly switched up the palette. But if enough people complain, perhaps Google will listen and bring back the older look that people found clearer and easier to view. Only time will tell if Google Maps users will adapt to the new colors or campaign to get the more familiar tones restored.

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