Google Drive For Tablets Gets Easier To Use

Among Google’s latest efforts to optimize Drive for large-screen devices is the extension of the website’s user interface to Android tablets and foldable phones. There is now a “tappable folder hierarchy” at the top of Google Drive’s current view. This makes it easier to see where you are and move between folders with just a tap.

Google has also added color-coded “cards” for each file and folder on the website. This replaces the old list view and makes the drive look cleaner. File names now appear at the top of each card instead of below previews, so it’s simpler to see what things are quickly. Other tweaks include matching new design guidelines for a unified look.

In addition, tables were added showing the date items were last changed and file storage sizes. This is helpful for organizing your files. The sidebar was combined with the top bar so the file viewing area has rounded corners like a webpage. All together, these changes bring the tablet experience of Drive closer to using it on a computer.

Google also updated Docs, Sheets and Slides recently to match their website editing tools. In Docs you can now switch between editing, suggestions and viewing modes easily in one spot. Slides always shows common tools while editing. And Sheets selects the active cell automatically when you open a file.

Overall, Google is working to refine Drive across different devices. By replicating the clean website interface, large-screen users get a more powerful way to access and work on their files from any tablet or foldable phone.

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