Apple’s New Software Updates Are Here!

Apple's New Software Updates Are Here!

Apple’s new iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates are now available for download. With iOS 17, some of the biggest new features come to phone calls. Apple’s new Contact Posters let you choose a photo (or Memoji) and font to fill up the screen when you call someone. While someone is leaving you a message, your Live Voicemail will display a real-time transcript. There is also a new location for the end call button. The Messages app also gets some improvements, including a new way to access iMessage apps, and iOS 17’s improved autocorrect will hopefully prevent typos.

The new updates have lots of cool features. When your iPhone charges, you can turn it sideways and the screen will show helpful things like a big clock, widgets with info, and photos. One writer said this “StandBy” feature was their favorite in a long time.

iPadOS 17 fixes one of the most annoying things before. When using “Stage Manager” to see multiple apps at once, it would be messy. Now it works better. You can also customize your iPad’s lock screen just like the iPhone, with widgets that update with new info.

The Apple TV software got updated too. The new version makes it more powerful while still being easy to use. No matter what device you have from Apple, there are nice new updates available now to download for free. Go check out what’s new in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17!

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