Apple Planning Bigger Changes for 2024

Following the small upgrades Apple revealed this year, the tech giant is working on delivering bigger and better devices in 2024. While the new iPhones and Apple Watches offered some improvements, most were modest. According to reports, Apple has ambitious plans to seriously improve their most popular gadgets next year.

Mark Gurman, a reliable Apple insider, says the company wants to wow customers again with groundbreaking updates. Top of the list is bigger iPhone screens for an even more immersive experience. Rumors suggest the standard iPhone sizes may grow slightly. But the Pro models could get significantly larger displays measuring over 6 inches each. This would make movies, games, and photos look crisper than ever on the iPhone flagship phones.

Apple is also giving its best-selling smartwatch a major makeover for its 10th birthday. Dubbed the Apple Watch Series X, it may feature health-tracking innovations like blood pressure monitoring. This would give the Watch new superpowers to help people track important vitals. After years with just minor tweaks, the iPad Pro could also be in for an aesthetic and performance revival to cement its role as a laptop replacement.

In addition, Gurman shares Apple aims to equip every MacBook with their powerful new M3 chipset for lightning-fast processing across the range. This would let creatives and professionals fly through tasks with ease. Apple may also join rivals like Google in generative AI to potentially improve digital assistant Siri with more human-like conversation.

It seems 2024 will be a milestone year for Apple fans with completely revamped products and technologies on the horizon. With iPhone, Watch, and Mac sales still booming, the technology titan looks committed to staying ahead of the curve with significantly upgraded hardware innovation.

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