8 Apple Upgrades We’ve Already Seen On Android

8 Apple Upgrades We've Already Seen On Android

The iPhone 15 series has been revealed, and there are some interesting upgrades. It is true that more than a couple of these upgrades are not entirely original. It is no secret that Apple and Android OEMs often copy each other’s designs.

Here are eight iPhone 15 features we first saw on Android phones:

  1. Action Button – Android phones have had programmable shortcut buttons for years. This lets you set buttons to quick-launch apps.
  2. Fancy Cameras – The new 5x zoom uses a folded lens, like cameras on Samsung and other Android phones. These give crystal clear photos from far away. Android phones also let you see the full scene when zoomed in.
  3. Refocus Photos – Phones like the Nokia Lumia started letting you refocus photos in 2013. Now many Android brands let you change the focus area after taking the pic.
  4. USB-C – Finally, iPhones use the same charging port as other phones and devices. This was one feature Android fans are glad Apple added.
  5. Edit Old Photos – Google Photos makes it easy to turn old photos into portraits by blurring the background.
  6. 3D Videos – Way back in 2011, some Android phones could record and play videos with depth and dimension. This is what Apple is now adding as “Spatial Video”.
  7. Faster Video Codecs – Qualcomm chips have supported the new AV1 video format for a while now. This makes videos smaller or higher quality.
  8. Ray Tracing Games – The Galaxy S22 was the first phone with a chip that could add realistic lighting to games. Now iPhones can do it too.

In the end, it seems Apple likes great ideas on Android too! These upgrades will surely make iPhones even better phones.

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