New Ringtones Coming to iPhones with iOS 17 Update

New Ringtones Coming to iPhones with iOS 17 Update

Apple’s iPhone finally gets some new ringtones with iOS 17. You’ll soon have some additional sounds to select from if nothing changes between the iOS 17 release candidate (RC) and the update’s official release, as reported by 9to5Mac. The RC version has over 20 fresh ringtones and alerts for you to choose from. I listened to a lot of them and think they sound great. My favorite is called “Journey” – it reminds me of a fun adventure game. 9to5Mac also made a short video so you can hear some of the new tones yourself before the update launches.

Some of the older ringtones were updated too. They made a few ringtones sound a little better. Apple also put some classic ringtones into their own section so it’s easier to find the sounds you like.

The iOS 17 update will be available to download on September 18th. If you want to try out the RC version before then, check out our simple guide on how to join the iOS beta program. Once you’re in the program, the RC will automatically download to your iPhone.

Are you excited to get some new ringtones? Let me know in the comments which one you think you’ll choose after the update is released later this month! Be sure to update your iPhone so you can pick from over 20 fresh sounds.

New Ringtones and Alert Tones Coming to iPhones with Major iOS 17 Update

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