Will Google Nest Hub Max Stop Video Calls?

Will Google Nest Hub Max Stop Video Calls?

With the Google Nest Hub Max, you can make video calls from your smart home. Earlier this year, we learned the smart display would no longer support Zoom calls starting at the end of this month. However, it looks like the last remaining video call service might also be shut down soon.

Some people on Reddit say they saw a message about Google Meet being removed from the Nest Hub Max too. Google Meet is the only other video chat app you can use on the device. If Google takes it away, the Nest Hub Max won’t be able to make video calls at all.

The Nest Hub Max has been out for a while, and Google made a new tablet called the Pixel Tablet. It seems Google wants to focus on the new tablet more. They may stop supporting the older Nest Hub Max hardware to save money. This would be okay if the Pixel Tablet could do everything the Nest Hub Max does. But we know it can’t.

If video calls are removed, the front camera on the Nest Hub Max would only have a few other uses. It could start commands just by looking at the display. You could also pause music or use hand gestures. And it could work as a security camera with the Nest app. Many people probably bought the Nest Hub Max for video calls though.

We asked Google why calls might be removed. We will update you if they reply to explain their plans. Let’s hope video calls can stay, or they find another way to help people connect through video on the Nest Hub Max. Only time will tell what Google decides!

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