Fitbit Charge 6 Review: A Simple Band with Great Tracking Features

The Fitbit Charge 6 is Fitbit’s newest fitness band. While some parts aren’t perfect, it does many things well.

The Charge 6 tracks health basics like steps, heart rate, and sleep. It can also find GPS locations for outdoor exercises like walks and runs. During activities, it records time, pace, distance, and heart rate.

The band connects to the Fitbit app on your phone. This app gives you a detailed look at your daily activity and sleep patterns. You can set goals and see trends over time to improve your health.

The app was recently updated with a cleaner design. While some people didn’t like the changes at first, Fitbit added features like step streaks and customization options based on feedback. This shows they are listening to users.

The Charge 6 connects to Google services like Maps, Wallet, and YouTube Music. While this gives more options, YouTube Music costs $11 per month after a free trial. For many, this extra subscription fee isn’t worth it.

The side button looks clicky but only vibrates when pressed. While this works, some miss the click of real buttons. The button also takes more pressure to press than physical buttons on other bands.

Overall, the Charge 6 is best for basic tracking without frills. While not perfect, it does the basics well, and more apps are coming. For $160, consider if you need advanced workouts over casual data. But for lower prices, it could be a solid fitness companion.

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