Most IT Teams Think Macs Are More Secure Than Other Computers

Due to their unique combination of hardware and software, Apple constantly promotes its devices as secure. As a result, numerous companies are choosing Mac computers for their IT departments over alternative platforms. According to a recent IDC survey, which received support from Apple, 76% of IT decision-makers hold the belief that Mac computers provide a higher level of security compared to other computers.

The survey found that 47% of companies plan to use more Macs in their IT departments because they believe Macs are more secure. 36% said the main reason for adopting more Macs is that they are easy to set up and manage.

Mac computers have several security features that IT teams like. For example, Apple’s device management tools make sure computers follow security rules from the start. Apple also has tools that keep computers secure without slowing them down. Plus, Macs can securely connect to services from Okta and other companies using a single username and password.

In addition, Mac computers offer better protection from viruses thanks to layers of security for third-party apps. All apps from the Mac App Store go through Apple’s review process to check for problems. Companies can also block the installation of apps from other sources. Unsigned apps that aren’t reviewed cannot be run automatically.

Compared to Windows and other operating systems, macOS gets security updates and bug fixes from Apple free of charge. These updates are also delivered quickly. Apple services like Messages and iCloud also use encryption so sensitive data stays private.

As one IT manager said, “Security is very important for our company. We chose Macs because their built-in security features made our jobs easier while also keeping our data safe.”

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