Turn Off macOS Sonoma’s Annoying New Wallpaper Click Feature

On Tuesday, Apple released macOS Sonoma to the public, which includes a number of new features, including some minor ones. In the new update, users have likely noticed the “Click wallpaper to reveal desktop” option by default, which hides all windows when clicked, as the name suggests.

While this makes accessing the desktop easy with just a click, some users find it very annoying. If you’d like to stop your desktop from always hiding when clicking the wallpaper, there is a simple fix.

How to Stop Your Mac From Hiding Windows When You Click the Wallpaper

Macs have always had handy shortcuts to see your desktop quickly, like Command + F3 or using trackpad gestures. But in Sonoma, Apple added clicking the wallpaper as another easy way.

However, if you click it accidentally all the time, it can get really irritating! Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Desktop and Dock
  3. Find the “Click wallpaper to reveal desktop” setting
  4. Change it from “Always” to “Only in Stage Manager.”

Now your Mac won’t auto-hide windows just from a wallpaper click, except when using Stage Manager.

Were you annoyed by this “feature”? Let me know if you have any other macOS questions!

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