Google’s New “Cubes” Feature Makes Discovering Apps on the Play Store a Breeze

The majority of us use the Google Play Store on a regular basis without even recognizing it because all of the Play Store apps that are installed on our Android phones typically update automatically. However, the majority of us rely on other apps and services for our discovery needs and don’t actively visit the Play Store very frequently to find new apps and content. Google is working to change that, as its latest feature makes it easier for you to find new Play Store apps.

Google may soon roll out a handy new tool for surfacing apps called “Cubes”. The code inside recent Play Store updates hints that Cubes will help you effortlessly discover content across different categories. This could solve the problem of many people not browsing the store much to learn about new releases.

Cubes appears to provide curated app recommendations based on your interests. Its widget displays sections like “Watch”, “Game”, “Read”, and “Listen” with helpful picks. When active, Cubes may give quick access to these sections filled with apps from top media sources.

Google aims to promote fifteen prominent video and music services through Cubes. You’ll find apps to watch shows, play games, read books, or enjoy music customized to your tastes. The feature draws from existing Play Store data to handpick top-rated content.

Rather than endlessly scrolling lists, Cubes presents media-rich discovery panels. This modern interface makes the Play Store more engaging. With one easy tap, Cubes surfaces must-have apps you may have otherwise missed.

The new discovery tool looks to help users gain better awareness of Google’s store. By highlighting apps through Cubes, Google keeps people regularly coming back to the Play Store.

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