Microsoft’s New Windows App Lets You Use Windows on Any Device

Microsoft's New Windows App Lets You Use Windows on Any Device

Microsoft has created a new app called the Windows App that allows you to use Windows on many different devices. The Windows App acts as a central place to access Windows running on remote PCs and cloud computers.

You can stream your Windows desktop to an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC or even a browser. This means you can do all your regular Windows tasks like using Office or playing games from any device. It works by connecting you to a Windows PC in a data center run by Microsoft.

This app combines Microsoft’s past Remote Desktop Connection app with their Windows 365 service. Windows 365 lets you stream a full Windows experience from Microsoft’s Azure cloud computers. Now the Windows App brings Remote Desktop and Windows 365 together into one handy place.

The Windows App supports features like using multiple monitors and custom screen resolutions. It allows device sharing too, so you can use peripherals connected to your phone or tablet like cameras, storage or printers. Right now the app is limited to business accounts but it looks like a consumer version may come.

Microsoft has been pushing to move Windows to the cloud like they do with Windows 365 for companies. The new Windows App could be the start of offering cloud Windows to everyone. It makes Windows available wherever you go as long as you have an internet connection. We’ll have to see if Microsoft brings the app to Android devices too in the future.

In summary, Microsoft’s new Windows App brings remote desktop and cloud Windows together into an easy-to-use app. It has the potential to revolutionize how we access Windows on any device from any location.

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