The iPhone 15 Pro: Faster 5G Speeds and Better Connectivity

According to information from SpeedSmart (via 9to5Mac), the iPhone 15 Pro might feature improved 5G connectivity. Data suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to deliver download speeds that are up to 24 percent faster than those of its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro.

Tests show the new iPhone 15 Pro could have much faster 5G speeds. An organization called SpeedSmart that tests phones found the 15 Pro downloads things up to 24% quicker than the 14 Pro.

SpeedSmart checked the 15 Pro on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks. On Verizon, average download speeds were 243 Mbps for the 15 Pro but only 196 Mbps for the 14 Pro. T-Mobile was the fastest, at around 301 Mbps for the 15 Pro.

Uploads didn’t change much between the two iPhones. But downloads saw big gains. Experts think this is because Apple upgraded the modem chip in the 15 Pro models.

The modem is believed to be Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X70. This chip is said to offer faster connections across different types of 5G frequencies. It can also intelligently switch between frequencies to maintain a strong signal.

So while the new iPhones may look similar, tests show the 15 Pro has meaningful 5G performance upgrades inside. This could let you download apps and content much quicker on next-gen mobile networks. Pre-orders are now open ahead of the September 22 release date.

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