OnePlus Pad Go: New Affordable Tablet Revealed

OnePlus has been working on a new, more affordable Android tablet called the OnePlus Pad Go. Last week, OnePlus India began teasing this tablet on social media. Now, we have our first look at what the OnePlus Pad Go will look like and hints about when it will be available.

On their X account, OnePlus India posted a picture of the front and back of the OnePlus Pad Go. From the image, we can see it has a similar design to the regular OnePlus Pad. However, the Go version has a two-toned color on the back that makes it stand out. The power button is located on the left side, and the volume buttons are at the top. There is likely a USB-C port and speakers on the bottom of the tablet.

OnePlus originally said the Pad Go would launch “soon,” but has now confirmed an October 6th release date. While full details have not been announced yet, OnePlus says it will have a 2.4K resolution display with a 7:5 aspect ratio. Specs are expected to be lowered from the original Pad to hit a lower price point. This may include using a mid-range processor and plastic construction instead of glass. Hopefully, it keeps the fast 67W wired charging though.

Pricing is still unknown, but the original Pad was launched in India for about $457. The Pad Go will likely be significantly cheaper to make it more accessible. Now that we know when it will be available, we can find out more details and see the new, affordable tablet from OnePlus.

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