The New B&W Px7 S2e Headphones – A Worthy Successor to AirPods Max!

In late September, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) announced the Px7 S2e, an updated version of their popular on-ear headphones. Compared to last year’s Px7 2S model, these offer some nice improvements. As someone who loves quality audio but finds AirPods Max too big, I think I’ve found the perfect replacement after testing the S2e.

One of the biggest upgrades is sound quality. B&W is known for its great sound, and the S2E takes it to another level. They sound very balanced, with clear highs and punchy bass that don’t overwhelm the mids. This is thanks to improved digital processing borrowed from B&W’s higher-end Px8 cans.

The S2E noise cancellation is also amazing. I tested them on recent flights, and they blocked out the engine roar very well while still letting in some ambient noise. An enhanced mode provides near-total silence, so I could sleep easily on my flights.

Build quality is top-notch too. These feel pricier than most other headphones, at just $399. The sturdy plastic and metal accents give them a premium look and feel without extra weight. Leather and memory foam ensure all-day comfort, though the on-ear cups may be small or large for some.

A handy physical power switch is so much better than buttons or relying on sensors to turn them on or off. Pairing is also simple via Bluetooth.

With incredible sound, great noise cancellation, a quality build, and a reasonable price, the B&W Px7 S2e might be the best AirPods Max alternative yet. They’re available now, so don’t miss out on these amazing new headphones!

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