Pixel 8 Pro: The Forgotten Temperature Sensor

Google has generally focused on making Pixel phones simple to use. But sometimes they try new things just for fun. The Pixel 4 was one example. It had a sensor that could sense hand motions in the air. This was kind of cool, but not very helpful. After that, Google played it safe with the new Pixels. But the Pixel 8 Pro is different.

It has a sensor on the back that can measure temperature. You can point it at something from a few inches away to see how hot or cold it is. Google wants to get approval to use it to take people’s temperatures too. But for now, all it can do is measure object temperatures.

I have been using the Pixel 8 Pro for a while now. I’ve only used the temperature sensor twice—when I first got the phone—to see how it works. Other than that, I haven’t thought of any good reasons to use it. Even Google couldn’t think of real uses for this feature. That’s why they don’t talk about it much in ads or on the phone’s website page.

One tech site recently tested how good the sensor is compared to a regular thermometer. It wasn’t very accurate. The Pixel temperature would often be different than the thermometer. This shows it isn’t reliable enough to be useful.

I even forget the temperature sensor is there most of the time. Only when someone writes about it online do I remember. Like when I saw the test results, I was like “oh yeah, it can do that.” In future Pixel models, I don’t think this sensor will stick around. It just hasn’t proven to be very helpful. Only time will tell if measuring people’s temperatures changes that. But for now, the Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature power lies dormant and forgotten.

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