Apple Hopes iOS 18 Will Be a Really Cool Update

According to Bloomberg, Apple has paused adding new features to iOS 18 for a week to focus on fixing bugs. The company still wants iOS 18 to be a really awesome iPhone software update next year, though.

A reporter named Mark Gurman said in his newsletter that Apple thinks iOS 18 will have “big new features and designs.” It will also fix problems and make things more secure. Gurman said the last really big iOS update was iOS 14 in 2020, which added widgets to the home screen.

Gurman said iOS updates lately have not been that exciting. But Apple thinks iOS 18 will be “ambitious and compelling.” Those words mean they want iOS 18 to do new things and be really interesting.

Previously, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on artificial intelligence features for iOS 18. This could let you do cool new things with your iPhone using AI.

The one week pause on new features probably won’t delay iOS 18 coming out. At worst it might mean Apple has a little less time at the end to fix final bugs. But we won’t see iOS 18 until next June at the Worldwide Developers Conference anyways. And it won’t come out for everyone until next Fall. A lot can change between now and then!

Comment what new features you hope iOS 18 will have! And if you’d rather Apple focused more on bug fixes instead of big new things. It will be exciting to see what iOS 18 brings next year!

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