No More Waiting for Updates When Unboxing Your New iPhone

No More Waiting for Updates When Unboxing Your New iPhone

When you buy a new phone, you’ll often find a firmware update waiting for you when unboxing it. There is, however, a solution in the works at Apple. According to reports, Apple is developing a way for stores to wirelessly update iPhones before customers even open the box!

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reported that Apple is testing technology that allows employees to place sealed iPhone boxes on a special pad. This pad can then boot up the iPhone inside, install any needed updates, and shut it back down – all without ever opening the packaging.

This means that when you purchase a new iPhone from the Apple Store, it may already have the latest software downloaded by the time you get home. No more waiting around for updates to install! The technology could roll out to stores before the end of the year.

Being able to use your brand-new iPhone right away would be a major convenience. It helps those with slow internet connections and prevents wasted time updating. It could also cut down on support calls if phones no longer need updates upon setup.

It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow Apple’s lead. Wireless updates before opening the box would certainly make the unboxing experience more seamless. Only time will tell if Apple is able to perfect this innovation!

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