Why Your X Ad Revenue May Be Lower Than Expected

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X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has been sending out ad revenue share payments on schedule. However, some creators are still not getting the payouts they hoped for. There are a few key reasons for this:

  1. X users only earn money from ads seen by other paying users.
  2. Advertisers may not pay much to reach a creator’s specific audience.
  3. Posts didn’t receive high engagement like shares or comments.
  4. The content was unsuitable for advertisers due to restrictions.

An X engineer explained that revenue is exclusively generated from ads viewed by verified/paid accounts. This means it takes payments from three parties – the creator’s fee plus ads seen by two other paying users – to potentially create one revenue share payout.

Creators ask why their payments are low or nonexistent. According to the engineer, low views among fellow paid subscribers are usually the cause. X subscriptions begin at $7.99/month and promise regular earnings of over $10 per month.

However, it’s important to remember that ad revenue on X depends entirely on the size and purchasing power of the premium audience engaged with your specific content. Growing that pool of paying viewers is key to increasing ad revenue potential on the platform.

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