X Lets You Limit Replies to Paid Users Only

X Communities to Get Better Organization with Pinned Hashtags

Elon Musk’s platform X, previously known as Twitter, now lets users block unverified accounts from responding to their posts. This new feature means you can choose to only allow comments from people who pay $8 each month for a blue checkmark.

Some think this could cut down on mean comments and fake news. But it may not work very well. Even paying users can spread wrong info. And bots can still get blue checks too!

One person jokingly called the new feature “pay-to-win mode.” This is because paid users will be the only ones whose replies show up at the top. Their comments will get more attention than others.

There are downsides too. Normal folks without blue checks can’t reply to dispute fake claims anymore. Researchers say misleading posts are still common on X. Only verified users or those reached by phone or ID can comment now if the original poster wants.

While stopping harassment is good, this change may not fix the real issues. Fake accounts and rumors don’t disappear just because some have paid $8. The quality of discussions where only blue checks can join doesn’t seem very high either based on early reviews.

Overall, Elon Musk hopes more people will pay up for verified status to use X. But limiting replies this way could spread untruths wider if bad actors buy verification too. Only time will tell if X users and the truth are better served under the new “pay to participate” model.

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