The Best Free Cross-Platform Games for Playing with Friends

Do you ever wish you could play games with your friends, but you each have a different phone or console? Playing games that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their device, can be a lot of fun. It’s even better when those games are free. Let’s take a look at five great cross-platform games you can play with friends for free!

#5 Among Us

In Among Us, you play on a spaceship with other players, but some of you are actually impostors trying to sabotage the mission. Everyone works together to finish tasks, but you need to figure out who the sneaky impostors are before they ruin everything. It’s super fun to accuse your friends and defend yourself. I love how silly and suspenseful each game is. Best of all, you can play on phones, tablets, computers—anything! No one gets left out.

#4 Roblox

Roblox isn’t just one game; it’s a place where people made millions of mini-games for you to explore and enjoy. You’ll find games about building, racing, adventures, and more. Even better, you can create your own game for others to play too! Play with friends anytime, on any device. Roblox is also cool for unleashing your creativity.

#3 Teamfight Tactics

In this strategy game, you pick a team of characters but don’t actually move them; you watch them auto-battle and try different strategies to win. Every match is different based on your choices. You can start a game on your PC and continue on your phone, which is handy for playing on the go. New content is always arriving to keep things interesting. It challenges your brain in a fun way.

#2 Genshin Impact

This game looks just like a movie with its beautiful open world. You explore forests, mountains, and cities while battling monsters and solving puzzles. Collect cool characters with unique elemental powers, too. It’s free, but it feels so complete. Best of all, you can team up with friends across phones, tablets, PCs, and consoles. Get lost in discovering Genshin Impact together.

#1 Brawlhalla

Last but not least is Brawlhalla, a fast-paced fighting game. Choose a character and battle friends in exciting 1v1 duels or crazy 4-player fights. Outsmart opponents using special weapons and abilities. Compete on your own or join tournaments—there’s always a challenge. Controls are simple but deep, so you’ll find new strategies for a long time. Play anywhere against friends worldwide. Brawlhalla is simply epic multiplayer fun!

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