How To Create Your Own Personalized Chatbots with Custom GPTs

How To Create Your Own Personalized Chatbots with Custom GPTs

For almost a year after ChatGPT came out, it acted the same way for everyone using it. Other than paying for ChatGPT Plus or using the advanced GPT-4 model, there wasn’t much you could change about how it responded. Thankfully, ChatGPT started allowing “custom instructions” so you could pick your response style. Now OpenAI is taking it even further by letting people build custom chatbots called GPTs to share.

How to Build Chatbots With Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs let you customize more than just responses. You can specify a chatbot’s personality, knowledge, and purpose. Best of all, you get to share your creations with others. Imagine chatbots for things like practice interviews, language lessons, getting movie suggestions, or anything you can think of!

To build one, you’ll need a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Then log into ChatGPT online and click “Explore”. Next, find the “Create a GPT” option. This pulls up the “GPT Builder” tool.

The easy builder walks you through customizing step-by-step. Choose what your bot will do. Add details like its “look” or tips. Test it out as you go. Refine your bot until you’re happy with it. Lastly, share your bot publicly, make it private, or leave it unlisted.

You can come back anytime to modify your chatbot further. Other ChatGPT Plus users can even use your bot once you share the link. In early 2024, OpenAI plans to launch a “GPT Store” so anyone can browse popular public creations too. Builders of top bots may get paid based on how much their bot helps others.

This new way to personalize chatbots is a fun and useful feature for anyone with a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Get creative making bots tailored just for you!

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