Google Wants to Make Search Results More Helpful with “Notes”

Google Wants to Make Search Results More Helpful with "Notes"

In order to make Search more human, Google is testing out a way for people to create and read “Notes” that contain “helpful tips about an article or topic from both experts and everyday people.” The company hopes this will help users find more useful information when looking up things online.

So what are these “Notes” exactly? Well, Google is placing new “Add Note” and “Notes” buttons below many search results and articles on Google Discover. Clicking “Notes” will show you a grid of short portrait-style stories that are like posts on Instagram or Snapchat. These Notes can include text, images from Google Image Search or your device, and animated stickers.

You will be able to like, share, and save Notes to read later. Google will make sure Notes follow the rules by using algorithms and human reviewers. They will rank each Note based on how relevant it is to what you searched. Most topics will have Notes but not things like health, politics or community issues.

Google believes Notes is an easy way for people to offer helpful tips or advice they want to share. For example, someone could leave a Note with secrets for perfect frosting after a baking guide helped them. Or provide inside tips on the best neighborhoods in a city article.

When making a Note, you get options like different backgrounds, colors for text, and soon AI image generation too. But Notes are not meant as a social network – you can only comment on existing articles or topics. And Notes can’t include web links. Publishers will see insights into Notes for their articles too.

For now, only some Android and iOS users in the US or India can try out Notes through Google Search Labs. Google wants feedback before a wider release. So give Notes a try on your next search and see if the community can make results even more helpful!

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