Google Home Makes Home Automation Easy For Everyone

Google Home Makes Home Automation Easy For Everyone

The Google Home script editor allows you to create complex automation routines. It is, however, not very easy to use and requires exceptional coding skills. With AI, Google is simplifying home automation for users who don’t have coding experience but still want to be creative.

Google Home will soon have a new “Help Me Do It” feature to help anyone set up smart home automation without coding. With this feature, you can explain in your own words what you want to happen. For example, you could say “If my outdoor camera sees someone at night, turn on the porch light and make an announcement.” Google Home will use artificial intelligence to understand you and write the custom code. Then you just copy and paste the code into the script editor to use it through the Google Home app. You can even change the code later if you want.

The “Help Me Do It” tool gets smarter the more people use it. That’s because it was created by Anthropic, an AI safety startup. Anthropic uses a technique called Constitutional AI to ensure the software helps users as intended. As time goes on, the tool will have an even better understanding of simple requests and how to code them.

Google plans to launch a beta test of the “Help Me Do It” feature soon. You’ll be able to try it out and give feedback on Google’s smart home automation discussion boards. The tool has the potential to bring the powerful of home automation to anyone, even those without experience writing code. Stay tuned for more updates from Google!

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