The Switch to USB-C: What You Need to Know for iPhone 15

If you’re an iPhone user contemplating an upgrade to the latest iPhone, you’ll have additional factors to ponder this time. That’s because the new iPhone 15 introduces a USB-C port, marking the end of an 11-year era for Apple’s exclusive Lightning charging plug. USB-C is now used by almost all modern gadgets like recent iPads and MacBooks, making it the universal standard. But what does this change mean for you?

You may think you need all new chargers and cables, but don’t panic! Most iPhone users likely already have what they need. Apple stopped including chargers a while ago, but the iPhone 15 comes with a short USB-C cable. Any USB charger will work as long as it provides at least 20W, like the ones bundled with newer MacBooks or iPad Pros. You can get a good USB-C wall charger for under $15.

For charging, all you may need is one USB-C to USB-C cable for each room. Make sure to get cables certified by the USB group for safety. While a cheap cable works, premium ones labeled for fast charging are best.

Data transferring also needs the right cable. The iPhone 15 Pro can use very fast USB 3.0, so look for “10Gbps” rated cables for quickly moving videos and files.

Wireless charging is great too with MagSafe, but remember it’s slower than a wired connection. Consider a MagSafe charger as a fun supplement rather than a replacement for cables.

Some other tips – skip dongles and use what you already have with USB-C. Make sure your car charger works too. USB-C is better in the long run even if it takes adjustment. Its universal standard means less e-waste and works across devices.

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