Will Apple Gadgets Really Rescue You? How Tech Giants Use Fear for Sales

Lately, Apple’s presentations have incorporated a novel form of messaging, suggesting that without an Apple Watch, individuals could face various perilous situations such as being attacked by a bear, trapped in a sinking car, stuck in a trash compactor, or succumbing to hypothermia after falling through an icy lake. But now, Apple is saying it’s not just their watch – even the iPhone can help in dangerous situations!

In a recent commercial, Apple showed how both the Apple Watch and iPhone have special features to get help fast. The video showed people celebrating birthdays with friends and family. Text on the screen explained real stories, like one person’s Apple Watch warned of a slow heartbeat which lead to important heart surgery. Another told of someone using their iPhone to get rescued during a bad snowstorm.

Apple wants us to know these life-saving tools aren’t limited to just the Watch anymore. Features on the iPhone can also help if something goes wrong. Both devices can sense if you were in a serious car crash and automatically call for ambulances without you doing anything. Phones also now allow calling for help even without cell service by connecting through satellites in space.

While being rescued by gadgets makes for exciting tv commercials, some folks think Apple goes too far by using fear. Older Apple ads just showed people happily staying healthy with a Watch or connecting with loved ones. But now that fitness and messaging aren’t unique, Apple needs new reasons for people to buy their devices. Detecting crashes and medical issues gives iPhones advantages over Galaxy and Pixel phones.

In the future, Apple devices may help with even more situations. At their latest event, Apple announced cars could be fixed roadside just by calling from an iPhone. Like other safety tools, this service will probably cost money after a free trial. It seems Apple believes if you rely on their devices to save your life, you’ll never want to leave home without your Apple Watch or iPhone!

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