Why You Should Have a Twitter Account

Why You Should Have a Twitter Account

I have often asked friends to open a twitter account and the reply I often get is “Why should I?” Well, I will be explaining exactly why you should have a twitter account using an interesting acronym.


First and foremost, I believe that twitter has a certain prestige value that it adds to you as soon as you have one. If it didn’t, how would you feel when someday you met a very influential folk that you’ll love to keep in touch with and he asks for your twitter handle?

Alternatively, you could want to invite your friends to lunch and send the IV’s via twitter. Guess what? You’ll miss that.


Twitter is a service that can be easily integrated into other apps/services and allows you to keep your presence felt wherever you want it felt.

It could be also integrated to gain support for real-life events like @thechocboy does. We have a lot of real-life things including politics that we can make much sense of if well integrated with twitter.


Having a twitter account is very economic and you don’t use up to a third of the data you would expend if you were to be using Facebook or Google+ at the moment. Additionally, Twitter is also filled with much more emotion and fun. I bet you never knew that some companies post their job openings on Twitter and also use it for real-time support. It’s so cool for getting some important tasks done while using appropriate hashtags.


You could decide to get SMS updates on twitter about posts you don’t want to miss, as some of the people we follow post very important stuff, and missing them is not good advice.

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