Google Giving Chromebooks Longer Lifespans with 10 Years of Automatic Updates

Google has revealed a big change coming to Chromebooks that will allow them to last for longer. Starting next year (2024), any Chromebook made in 2021 or after will automatically get important security updates from Google for 10 whole years after it was first made.

This is good news because normally Chromebooks only get security fixes for around 8 years. But those 8 years really only worked out to around 5 years for schools, businesses, and other organizations that buy Chromebooks. It takes time for big orders of computers to be placed, received, set up, and given to everyone who needs them. So by the time users got their Chromebooks, some of that 8-year period had already passed.

The new 10-year update schedule should mean Chromebooks will keep working well and staying safe from hackers for a longer time. This could save schools, offices, and other buyers lots of money by not needing to replace devices as often. It also helps the environment by reducing electrical waste from old devices no longer being used.

Even after the 10 years of automatic updates end, Chromebooks will still have some basic security features built-in. Google is also making repairs easier by allowing technicians to fix software issues without a special USB stick. This is predicted to cut repair times in half.

Additional update features will help batteries last longer, like adaptive charging that learns your schedule. A new “Energy Saver” mode will also help books save power.

Overall, this 10-year commitment from Google looks to significantly extend Chromebook lifespans through ongoing security and bug fixes. It has the potential to deliver big financial and environmental benefits by keeping existing devices safe and in use for longer.

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