How to Watch Movies for Free Online Legally

One of the most entertaining things you can do at home is watch movies. Chances are, you or a member of your family has a Netflix or Prime Video account, irrespective of your location in the world. However, there are times when you don’t have access to these subscription services and would need a viable alternative to watch movies online and for free.

This blog post will cover some of the top ways to watch movies for free online legally.

Tubi TV

This is the most popular live TV and video on demand streaming service that is absolutely free. It is only available in the US, and citizens of other countries would only be able to access Tubi through a VPN app.

You can watch the following TV channels on the platform: Fox channels, Bloomberg, People TV, and The Weather Station, just to name a few.

30 minutes or less, After the Story, and Air Force One are some of the most popular movies you can watch on Tubi TV.


AVO TV is the streaming platform for Africa as it offers a good number of African TV channels and movies that you can watch on the platform. I would recommend this app for everybody who has a smart TV, is living in Africa, and does not want to have a dish connected to their TV.

Some of the popular channels on AVO TV includes AIT, TV Continental, Talent TV, and WAP TV. The video on demand library is constantly changing as they always make movies that are on the Talent channels and some other channels available on their on demand option.

Plex TV

Plex TV is a great alternative to Tubi TV as it offers a lot of international channels that you can watch from most countries of the world, unlike Tubi where you are limited to being in the US before you can watch.

You can watch Nosey TV, Fail Army, and Kidoodle TV among the 200+ TV channels on this app. You can watch over 50,000 video titles on Plex TV including The Transporter, Django, and Popeye the sailor.


This is very different from every other app on this list as it has three ways of watching content on their catalog. You can watch free content, content for rent and content for sale here and the free catalog is fairly robust. It is a good and decent app that you can use to watch video on demand.

Criminal and Jurassic Island are some of the most popular movies you can watch on this platform.


This list would be incomplete without adding YouTube to the list. It is home to lots and lots and lots of movies than you can imagine, with movies being added every day from movie producers, directors and Indie content.

You can search movies on YouTube by title, genre and by actor names.

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