What Makes iPhone 14 so Different?

Most people have not gotten over the IPhone 13, and some people are still saving money towards buying it. After all, it was released in 2021 with amazing features. The IPhone 13 had better features than the IPhone 12. It had better cameras, and a good battery life courtesy of its Bionic Chip which helps to ensure efficiency. It seemed like the perfect IPhone for the next few years. And then boom IPhone 14 comes out and with a pro version! 

It never ends. But how is IPhone 14 better or different in comparison to IPhone 14?

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Camera System

Most people who use an IPhone claim that the phone has one of the best camera setups in the world. So much that it allows creators to make films on their phones and capture the best moments. The camera of lesser Iphones are so good; even IPhone 7 and above. But then we have the IPhone 13 with dual camera setup. IPhone 14 comes with an upgrade to the dual camera that makes the dual camera become so advanced that it beats that of IPhone 13. The camera is sharper and this is not only at the front camera, but the rear camera too.

Battery Power

IPhone 14 comes with a better battery power that promises a 20 hour video playback in comparison to the 19 hour video playback that IPhone 13 has. Video playback on an IPhone simply refers to the number of hours a battery would use when it is being used to watch long form videos. One of the many things people have berated Iphones for is the poor battery life. Apparently, IPhone 14 is “re-writing” this narrative because if the video playback hours can last up to 20 hours, then using the phone for other things for a long time would be assuring.

Bionic Chip

Most people do not know this (especially people who are not so concerned about the processing system of their phones), but there is always a bionic chip in most Iphones. The Bionic Chip is the core of an IPhone that allows it to function efficiently in terms of speed, app use, tasks and performance. While IPhone 13 has a 4-core GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), IPhone 14 has a 5 core GPU to aid high efficiency and high performance. The Bionic chip will also help save the battery life of IPhone 14 as this is one of its major functions.


IPhone 14 has a 6GB RAM memory in comparison to the 4GB RAM memory of IPhone 13. Having a higher ram on an phone means that it operates with the speed of lightning as you can easily access apps and have them working efficiently, It also means that if you shoot a lot of videos or take pictures on your phone, there will be enough space to store the large amount of data you may want to take on later.

Action Mode

This is an entirely new feature that the IPhone 14 has and IPhone 13 does not. The Action Mode is a self-explained feature that helps to stabilize capturing intense motion. For example, if something is happening fast and you want to capture it in detail but also clearly, action mode helps ensure that this happens.

Photonic Engine

Photonic Engine is an IPhone 14 camera feature newly introduced that helps to capture pictures better and clearer in situations of low-light environment. This means if you are in a dark room (although not completely) and you wish to snap a photo with your IPhone 14, Photonic Engine comes to the rescue and makes it look clearer and more ideal 

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