Other Choices Besides Google Play

Google Play is where most people get their apps, but it’s not the only option. There are actually some other good stores to check out if you want something different. Some people like looking at other stores because they may have apps that Google Play doesn’t. Others like finding new recommendations or apps made just for their country. Here are 7 alternative stores worth a look at:

Amazon Appstore

Amazon runs its own app store that’s been around since 2011. It doesn’t have as many apps as some stores, but the ones there go through strict quality checks so you know they’ll work well. Amazon also does special deals where you can get paid apps for free.

Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung makes a lot of phones, so they have their own store too called Samsung Galaxy Store. Since Samsung devices come with it pre-installed, there’s a huge potential audience for developers. While the selection isn’t massive, apps get more attention because there’s less competition.


Mobogenie has a nice selection of games. They let users not only get apps but also make their own. Over 8 million people have accounts. Developers can upload apps for free which is great for beginners.


GetJar is one of the oldest app stores around. They make it easy to find apps through categories and search. You can even browse from your computer.


SlideME is popular worldwide. Apps go through quality checks so you know they’ll be safe. You can find both free and paid apps with multiple payment options. Developers like reaching a wide global audience.


F-Droid is run by an nonprofit and only contains open source apps. They create their own apps too. It’s a great alternative if you care about privacy and transparency in apps.


Another good option for game developers, as Mobango lets you upload apps completely free. This helps new developers get noticed more easily. With fewer competing apps, it’s easier to reach the top downloaded rankings.

In summary, while Google Play is massive, these alternative stores offer variety, specialization and different ways to find new apps worth checking out. They help both users discover apps outside the mainstream, and developers reach broader audiences.

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