8 Sneaky Venmo Scams—And How Not To Get Tricked!

For many Americans, Venmo is a part of daily life, but that makes it an attractive target for scammers. Here are some of the more common Venmo scams and how to avoid them, whether you’re new to the app or just worried about staying safe.

Prize Ripoffs and Fake Lotteries

Some scammers may try to trick you by saying you’ve won a prize or lottery from Venmo. They’ll ask for your account details or send a link to a fake website. The real Venmo will never ask for your password or ask you to click odd links. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Stranger Calls and Texts

Scammers may pretend to be from Venmo support over the phone or by text. They’ll ask for your login info or a special code to “verify” your account. But Venmo will never call you out of the blue for personal info. If you get a call like this, don’t give out anything!

Tech Support Tricksters

A scammer may pretend to help you with tech problems, and then ask for Venmo cash. Real support people won’t charge you extra money. If a “tech helper” asks for your Venmo, just hang up!

Sneaky Sales and Fake Deals

Scammers can trick you into sending money for something they don’t actually have. They might send fake receipts to prove a purchase. Only use Venmo for people you trust in real life.

Pretending to be Friends or Family

Scammers find your friends online and copy their photos to ask for money in an “emergency.” Check the account carefully before sending cash. Video chat the person if you’re not totally sure it’s them.

Stranger “Payments” That Aren’t Real

If a stranger Venmos you then asks for the money back saying it was a mistake, don’t fall for it! They likely used a stolen card, so you don’t want to send the money to a scammer.

Fake Investments and Crypto Schemes

Promises of getting rich quickly are usually scams. Reputable investing happens on official sites, not Venmo. Be careful about unproven money-making ideas from strangers.

Romance Cons and Fake Relationships

A scammer may flirt with you online to gain trust before asking for cash. Always meet people in real life before giving them personal info or money. Your heart and wallet will thank you!

Staying Safe on Venmo

The best way to avoid scams is using common sense. Don’t click strange links or share private details. And trust your gut – if something feels fishy, it probably is! Being savvy about scams is the first step to protecting yourself.

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