Motorola’s New AI Assistant Challenges Google Bard

Motorola's New AI Assistant Challenges Google Bard

At the moment, conversational AI chatbots are the most exciting new technology, and every company wants to prove they can build a useful one. Chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard have become very popular as people find creative ways to use them. Now Motorola is joining the chatbot race with their new AI called MotoAI.

Motorola introduced some new concepts using artificial intelligence at a recent tech event. The most interesting one is MotoAI, an AI assistant designed to work on phones and computers. Right now it’s still in the early testing phase, but Motorola thinks MotoAI can be a helpful voice and text assistant.

MotoAI is built to answer questions, send messages, schedule tasks and more just by talking or typing. It learns from how you use it so it gets to know your habits and can help in better ways. The AI runs directly on your device, so it should be fast and private without needing internet access.

A few other concepts Motorola showed were wallpapers created by AI, an improved photo scanner using AI, and an AI tool to summarize long texts like emails or documents into shorter key points. One final idea aims to automatically blur faces and names in screenshots for privacy.

Which of these new Motorola AI features would you find most useful? Let me know in the comments below! With innovations like MotoAI, Motorola aims to challenge market leaders like Google in the race for the best conversational AI assistant.

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